Artwork Specs

Your design layout should accurately reflect the true trim size and reflect all applicable Government Regulations. Remember to plan colour for printability. If you do not have graphic design capability, we offer graphic design services at very reasonable prices.


Anytime the ink extends to the edge of the label it is considered a bleed. The space between the edge of the image and the edge of the label is the printing margin. We require the art to be set up with a 1/8″ printing margin


A reverse is when the image is accomplished by the label stock colour showing through the ink coverage. Many times the art bleeds off the edge of the label creating the appearance of the label stock being the colour of the imprint.

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Clean-ups & Manipulations

We perform minor clean-ups at no charge. If the clean-up requires extensive work it is charged at $95 per hour with a minimum charge of $35. We must review your artwork to determine if we can perform a clean-up or manipulation. We will not perform extensive clean-ups without contacting you for permission.

Digital Files/Electronic Art

We can accept data on CD/DVD or USB Flash Drives. or by Email. Contact one of our Customer Service Representatives. Please remember to include any unusual font suitcase. The art must be set up in spot colours unless it is a full colour process job. When sending a JPEG, GIF or BMP you must provide it in at least 300 dpi. However, we prefer that artwork not be sent in these formats.

Acceptable Formats

Adobe Illustrator, EPS, Ai PDF (high Res) or CorelDRAW 4 files are preferred. Please contact our art department if you wish to send data in other formats.